Epitome of Sex

Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday to you, Monday to me. I took a well deserved sick day yesterday. The combination of being sore from our 200 mile relay race and accidentally taking two caffiene pills really screwed up my Monday morning. I need to not keep all of my supplements in the same bottle. My Milk Thistle looks too much like my Zainy Brainy caffiene pills (literally, that’s what they’re called). I don’t usually take caffiene pills but I bought them thinking that I might need them for when I had to run 8 miles at two in the morning. I didn’t need them then and definitely didn’t need them in the morning at my desk before breakfast.

How are you feeling? I’m still sore, but feeling OK. Icy Hot and Yoga Toes (what I like to call happy feet) have become my new best friends. They relieve your toes after you’ve squished them in high heels or running shoes. I’m wearing them right now and my feet are feeling happy. They’re also great for the sex life. There’s nothing sexier than when I wear my posture brace while elevating my feet with my yoga toes. If Preston is really lucky, I might even surprise him with a pair of granny panties.

Epitome of sex:

I’m seriously looking forward to our fabulous weekend in Vegas. As much fun as I’ve had running, I’m ready to ditch the ol tennis shoes and look glamorous again in heels. Not to mention our incredibly generous parents are paying for the whole weekend and we’re not staying at the Excalibur! (90% of trips to Vegas that are paid for by parents I end up at the Excalibur via 5 hour road trip). But not this time. Our fabulous selves are staying at a suite at the Paris and flying first class. I mean this in no way rhetorical: How the hell did we pull this off? I can’t afford to buy new threads for the trip so I appreciate in advance the use of your closet. Thank you.

Can we talk about John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s pregnancy for a minute? Scientologists believe that women can fight menopause… This is a pretty good case for them. Although is anybody taking bets on possible birth defects? What if the Scientologists were right all along? When we die it’s like, “Wait a minute, you’re not St. Peter…”

Viva Us,




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2 responses to “Epitome of Sex

  1. i’ve always wondered about the Yoga Toes! I’ll have to get myself a pair!


    • They are not only comfortable, but an incredible aphrodisiac as well. When Preston sees me in the yoga toes/posture brace/granny panty trio, he can’t resist my advances. You should try it, Lucky. 😉


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