Ragnar Running = Vegas Victory

B B B Bianca (sometimes, even after all these years I type Binaca… Ha!),

I’d like to say that’s it’s good to be back home from vacation, but, I’d really prefer to just stay in San Diego (not that I have ANY room to complain as I’m emailing poolside with a cocktail and SPF within arm’s reach). When you move to San Diego you might want to get a place with an extra bedroom so I can come visit weekly (heck, we almost go there weekly as it is)!

This particular SD trip was incredible. Your family is always so generous and accomodating. Papa Vanderstappen had his house perfectly ready for two carb loading (and then recovering) half marathon runners! Bianca, we did it!! We finished the half marathon and beat our goal times!! I’m so proud of us! I feel like an athlete again! And now all we have to do is run our legs in the Wasatch Back Ragnar this weekend and relax poolside. We totally can do it! Woot!

I have some concerns when it comes to running Ragnar. They are as follows:
-Where do I change clothes?
-How do I unstinkify?
-Where do I pee? Should I pack toilet paper? (EW!)
-How do I stay up all night and/or run on little to no sleep?
-How do you roll and unroll a sleeping bag?
-Will there be blow dryers available along the course?
-Where’s my mommy?
-Are we there yet?

I’m glad we went to one of Salt Lake Running Company’s lectures on Ragnar, the pack list definitely helped. And when I went back in (for a third time) yesterday the cute sales boy just told me to relax and have fun! “Ragnar’s a big party,” he says, “Just run your legs and smile.” Although, I’m adding one extra thing to the packing list, my best friend Jack Daniels, he always brings the party.

My motivation started effing with me on the half marathon, so I was a little worried about Ragnar, but then I remembered… If we finish.. We have an incredible FREE! trip to Vegas waiting for us at the finish line courtesy of our awesome parents! What do you call that again? Oh yes, a win!

Enjoying summer vacation (and totally appreciating my teeny paycheck that makes this all possible),


*Wasatch Back Ragnar=Bat sh*t crazy relay race from Logan to Park City that an old sorority buddy convinced us to do. See the map. Question our sanity, much?


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