Dear Bridget,
I can’t believe we are flying to San Diego tomorrow for the half marathon! I checked out the route map for the race, and it is almost all downhill. Not only will it feel incredible to be running at sea level after training at mountain level, but it’s DOWNHILL. The running gods are shining down upon us. Also, Carb-loading is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Cheese danish? Why yes, don’t mind if I do!
I apologize for all of the exclamation points and adverbs this morning, I’m just so unbelievably! incredibly! outrageously! excited for a weekend in sunny San Diego. I’m homesick, beach sick, and definitely sick of work and Utah, so I feel entitled to my annoying grammar. Not to mention, I need you to know how excited I am, and periods just don’t cut it (!).
SLCinNYC has been calling me all morning. I understand that you and I travel more (way more) than the average twenty something, but she’s killing me here. She has never, did I mention NEVER, traveled with a carry on before. She checks her bag every single time she flies. It’s 25 flippin’ dollars each way! I’m forcing her to carry on. She never wears heels in NY but is worried that we’re going to be invited to some fabulous function where she’ll need them. She is afraid she’s going to break out if she doesn’t bring every ounce of skincare and her full bottles of shampoo and conditoner. (Yes, I realize hair and skin are seperate entities. She does not.) I think she forgets that she is traveling to beach town with west-coasters. If she has a sundress and a pair of flip flops she’ll be just fine. Anyway, she wanted me to tell you to make sure and over pack, just in case.
I can’t believe we haven’t seen each other in over a week, this never happens. We have so much to catch up on like your pool day, DW Drama, and most importantly… The. Official. Relationship. (please say aloud with the same inflection as, Orange Mocha Frappucino!) Facebook Status Update! Congratulations. The icon of that little pink heart that popped up on my newsfeed just made my day. You and Mr. Algebra are quite the handsome couple (I never understood that saying). But if any couple is handsome, it’s you two. Your Dad even commented with a “woo-hoo!”, life is good.  
My golf weekend with Preston’s family was nice and relaxing. We hung by the pool, drank cocktails all day and oh yeah, golfed (if you can call it that). I’m horrible. Need I remind you of the comment Preston’s mom made years back when we first met? “A family that golfs together stays together”. If that’s the case, my family is going to fall apart and she knows it. I’m just hoping QDW hits it off this weekend with golf-pro guy. If she doesn’t screw it up, I’m swooping in (not on him, on free golf lessons). I want my future family to stay together, so I better start practicing. It turns out it takes more than a cute outfit and pink balls to golf well.
Well my friend, I will see you tomorrow night in beautiful, wonderful, sunny, breezy, stress-free SAN DIEGO! And in case I haven’t said it enough this week, HAPPY END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!!
Your carb-lovin carry-onner,


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