Sex and the Mommy

It is 70 degrees outside right now, and it snowed yesterday. Not only did it snow yesterday, but it stuck to the roads. What is going on in the motherwarming world!? Help us, Al Gore, help us all.
In totally awesome omfg news, SLCinNYC went to the NY premiere of Sex and the City last night. She said it’s better than the first and couldn’t believe it, but the most loveable character is Miranda! In foursomes accross the country, girls are fighting over who has to be the Miranda. Everybody wants to be the Carrie, of course, and nobody will admit to being the Samantha (although every group of friends has one), but nobody wants to be the Miranda. She’s a work-a-holic who’s outfits are lackluster at best. And she was mean to Steve, the sweetest fictional man alive. Real life Miranda, Cynthia Nixon, had an interview with Matt Lauer this morning and they showed a clip where she hates her job at the law firm and might quit. Miranda the stay-at-home-mom? I can’t wait to see this movie…
I’ve come to the realization that my mom might be a Samantha. In the short five days she’s been in town from San Diego, I’ve heard comments such as, “Some men just need Viagra, trust me”… and “That guy can dance, you know what that means.” “Yeah, mom I know what…” “He’s good in the sack”… “Ok, well that was one of those things that was implied, but good to know it’s on your mind”. In her menopausal years she’s really become comfortable with her sexuality and isn’t afraid to express it or use it against me at any time. If I sass her, instead of getting mad at me or sassing me back, she just says something sexually embarrassing in front of strangers. It’s unconventional, yet surprisingly effective. My mother is a doctor’s wife. A country clubbing, tennis playing, couture wearer, yet the most inappropriate woman I know. And she raised a Charlotte. Who knew?!
I can’t wait to see SATC on Thursday. We have 12 tickets… Our friends are so obnoxious it’s going to be incredible. I’ve prepared enough cosmo so we can all have our own flask full of pink inebriated goodness. In the meantime, I’m making a sex tape. Kendra of The Girls Next Door likeness has two sex tapes being released this week. She’s already made over $500K, and will collect on half of the profits (not to mention more reality shows and fame). While shocking that a sex tape guarantees fame (need I mention Kim Kardashian, the household name and idol of young girls everywhere), I am not above it. Ok, maybe I’m above it, but it’s still amazing. Although there is a video camera on my new iPod…
I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunny day. I can’t wait for Memorial Day, our marathon, and most importantly, the opening of the Bridget family pool! Utah, in Summer you’re not so bad. In fact, I love you.
Hugs, Kisses and Cosmos,


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