Shin Splints, Vegas Memories and San Diego Dreams

Dearest Bianca,
Your resume blunder about your (not so) fluentness in Spanish is my absolute favorite. You know Spanish quite well and could hold a conversation with any Spanish speaker (I’m quite confident in your skills), but when it comes to translating written Spanish, you’re about as awesome as the rest of us at using Google Translator. 
But your Spanish skills are not the reason why I love that story so much… it’s because it reminds me of our famous 12 hour trip to Vegas and our fluent French abilities. Bianca, for 12 hours we were French and had everyone believing that we knew not one word of English (accept, of course, bodka!, taxi?, and taken advantage of). How did we get so awesome? I miss that trip (and our good friend Jamie MF Foxx that we had the pleasure of hanging out with).
{Sigh.} Our next trip is quickly approaching, B! I’m so excited! Granted we have to run a pesky 13.1 miles, but that will just be part of it! After our little jog we can play and frolic and drink with SLCinNYC! I’m so stoked that she is coming to cheer us on and play with us! Do you remember our last San Diego trip with SLCinNYC? Yeah, me neither… but I do remember one of us having hair like a bear the next morning… No name naming! 🙂
How has your training been going for the SD Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon? So far, I have the rock n’ roll part DOWN. The marathon part, not so much. I’m going to see a physical therapist today and I’m confident that she will wave a magic wand, cure my shin splints and instill in me the ability to run 13.1 miles without even thinking about it. It’s going to be great! Do you think my expectations are a little high? No? Me either. With the prices she charges I expect nothing less that wand of magic. (Every time I type wand I accidently type wang first…. giggles!)
In news a little closer to home and the near future, I’m stoked for girl’s night tonight! I’m glad it’s going to be a relaxing one. It seems like life has been really stressful lately – for everyone. I feel like all the DramaWhores are disbanding and looking for a life of settled-down-ness and home decorating. BLAH! Bianca promise me we’ll never be like that?! And even if we live on separate continents with our awesome future husbands (ew) that we’ll still be awesome, adventure seeking and just as hilarious and wild as we are today.  Promise?
Shin splinted and (secretly loving being) on hiatus from running,


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