Cinco de Drama-o

Hola Bianca –
Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mi amiga! Donde esta la cervesa y margaritas y tacos?! (Now, that I’ve exhausted my entire knowledge of the Spanish language… WHAT? I took French in high school.)
How are you today?! The sun is shining and there is celebrations in our Wednesday future! Kickball and then Cinco de Beero at our favie Mexican restaurant? Si, por favor! What could be better? I know… The Hooters competition that we were invited to go to tomorrow night. Yup, we’re living the good life, BiancaFace! Isn’t it crazy and awesome how we ALWAYS have something to look forward to? Last week we were saying how excited we were for the weekend and I’m already excited for our upcoming weekend plans!
Last weekend recap:
The weekend definitely lived up to expectations. We partied like it was 2003. Though, I must say, our post-collegiate partying may be even more fun than the sorority days (and a lot less messy)! Algebra’s show was a blast. I was so surprised how many of our friends showed up. Even though Liquid Ho’s wasn’t their scene, they totally rallied to be nice friends. Go them.
Preston’s surprise party the next night was super successful! I can’t believe he had no idea! I thought for sure your uber intelligent and skeptical boyfriend would be on to your tricks, but nay! Total surprise on the birthday front! Win! The open bar provided by Preston’s parents was so generous and fun! I’m morbidly curious as to what the bar tab came to…
Warning: The rest of this email may be a little somber for your Bianca-like sensibilities.
Though this weekend was one of the best ever, I can’t help it be overshadowed by Drama (yes, capital d). The drama we used to witness was harmless and hilarious, but this weekend it took a sharp turn to horrid. I can’t help but feel badly that we may have encouraged this kind of behavior in the beginning and now it can’t be stopped. What was with all the DramaWhore on DramaWhore crime this weekend? This may becoming out of no where (or not), but I feel like it must be said:  The Ex of another DramaWhore is always off mothertrucking limits.
Though none of us are exactly sure what lines were crossed, it doesn’t matter. Even if it is “harmless” flirting, number exchanging or an *OTPHJ, please steer clear of any person’s ex who you are (or claim to be) friends with. 
I mean, look at Audrina and Kristin on The Hills (I can’t believe I’m referencing The Hills, FML)… Brody and Kristin are long over, but Audrina, that was your bad last week at the bar in Miami and you come out looking skankalicious (while Kristin just looks crackalicious).
It’s weird how someone else’s behavior can make you look at your own life. I’ve taken a nice look back at my old self and how quick in the past I was to screw over a friend for a dude or choose myself when I should have taken one for the team. I’m really glad I learned the lessons that I did in college. Can you imagine learning all of that now?
Though I would still put myself in the moderately to extremely selfish bracket, I’d like to think that I have a better picture of our little world and how important friendships are in that world. Bianca, I would do anything for you and the other DramaWhores… and I’d hope that I’d get the same in return.
{Sigh.} I feel like my quarter life crisis is coming on and being induced by not so friendly friend behavior. You see, an ex bestie, BillyJean (one word) has made a comeback into my life. After six months of telling people what a bad person I am, she wants to be friends again. Initially, I just took it as a good thing. I’ll be friends again, the past is the past, whatever. But now, I’m thinking of all the stuff she’s said and done and I’m wondering, “What is her motivation to be in my life?” Do I let all the stuff go? Do I bring it up? Do I ignore her advances?
After so much time with not being involved in practically any friend drama, I feel like I’m up to my eyeballs in it. I think it’s time we realize, we too, Bianca, are DramaWhores. Even if we’d prefer to watch from the sidelines, you can’t help getting sucked in.
Wondering if and how the drama will end,
*OTPHJ – Over the Pant… figure the rest out.


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  1. Nothing wrong with comparing your life to The Hills, right?


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