You did not make my morning.

Dear Grumpy Starbucks Employee,

I would like you to know that I come to Starbucks on my way to work every morning at 7:45 (okay, 8:00) to receive your delicious and tasty drinks that are sure to start my day off right.  I come there because I know you’ve been working hard preparing the supplies since approximately 4:00 in the morning to insure that my drink of choice will be fabulous and just the picker upper I need.  Also, since you’ve been up so long and are well into your day, I know that you will greet me with all the smile I need to remind me to smile at work all day long!

Today was quite another story.  Listen, I know that I was texting in line, but I doubt it required the attitude you gave me and the dirty look. Let’s face it, you were full on snotty! I’m sorry that those 15 minutes in the day are the only 15 minutes that I have to communicate with Mr. Algebra, Bianca, and my best friends, The DramaWhores. I am also sorry that after work I have to head straight to class until 8 o’clock and right to bed leaving very little time to communicate with those near to me.

I understand that if I would have been on my phone and then pondering my order and wasting your time, the look may have been warranted, but dude, I have my order down.  You see me every morning… YOU should have my order down.

On top of that, I tip you EVERY day in the 40-50% bracket, and this is the thanks I get?


I’ll see you tomorrow.  And hopefully your attitude will have improved.




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