Best Night in SLC… ever!

Dear Bianca,

Friday may have been the best night ever. Who would have ever guessed that I would say that about a night in Salt Lake City (usually our grand events occur out of the SL,UT) at The Hotel!? (Not our usual hot spot, sorry Mr. Borreson.) We had been hyping up this event for the whole week and most of the time our hype is bigger than our reality and expectations are never quite met (see: New Year’s), but man oh man… Friday rocked my whole world. The bands were awesome, the crowd was kick ass and the drinks were free! Thank you, Hotel!

The drama our friends created was spectacular. QDW made out with two giant redheads (and maybe a few other people – who’s counting?), but who can find one giant red head worthy of a little kissy kissy at the bar, let alone TWO. I’m downright proud. I love how she calls herself “junior high slutty.” It’s dead on. She kisses a lot of cute boys and then is finished with them. Not only is it a hilarious form of entertainment for us (especially when it happens in public), but it’s very responsible of her, I never have to worry about our Bestie coming down with a scary STD. Go QDW.

Confession: QDW’s screaming and door slamming later on in the evening (read: early morning) that you had to deal with, yeah I’m going to go ahead and take responsibility for that. I’m sorry Miss Bianca. I should have confessed when you called on your walk home (long after I was cozy in bed) to tell me about her outburst (complete with her screaming in the background). It’s my fault, you see, every free (thanks to all of you who made this possible) drink I was given I took two sips and then passed it to QDW. Also, I apologize for getting us shots downstairs (fa free, thanks well dressed man trying to keep us in the bar) and then dodging out. All of this contributed to the stomping, yelling and screaming (that was pretty hilarious to hear from the comfort of my bed). In any event, I surely would have been drinking my own drinks and meandering home with you wonderful girls if I didn’t have that pesky 5K the next morning.

Next order of business: The STOLEN vase in my living room. World, this is what I woke up to when I was trying to get ready for the first race of my running career.

I live in a very expensive and very secure apartment building, and whoever stole this from my lobby and then put it in my living room for me to find the next day (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, FUNNY GIRL) is in big trouble! As hilarious as this is, it’s not that hilarious because I was given a verbal warning (which was written in my file) by my apartment manager. For the record – it goes verbal warning, written warning, and then @$$ kicked to the street. I need not remind you that I am on a month to month lease and can be kicked out at anytime. Please leave your hilarious vase stealing to outside of my apartment, because I really don’t think you’ll like helping me move (I have a lot of heavy ish).

Epic disappointment of the week: Shu Uemura pulling out of not only Nordstrom, but the entire United States! What the hell, L’Oréal?! I get it, you need to focus on your more “successful” high end brands in the States, but seriously, how am I supposed to get ready for our wonderful night expeditions without the Tokyo Lash Bar? I know MAC has some lashes to choose from, but blah, I’m over MAC and you should be, too. Plus, their foundation makes me break out like crayzay so I couldn’t have them do a full makeover like the wonderful people at the Shu Uemura counter at Nordy’s {stomp and pout}.

{Sigh} Everything seems boring compared to Friday night, but maybe that’s just because it’s Tuesday and that’s always boring. Did you hear QDW took the day off? Lucky girl.

See you at yoga,


P.S. I finally got my beach cruiser put together, thanks to Mr. Algebra. Our biker gang is now complete.


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