Bridget on Hiatus

Hey hey Bianca –
I’m so glad we had our lovely jaunt to Palm Springs. It was just the vacation I needed before my next vacation: Spring Break with Mr. Algebra. (Now that he’s reached boyfriend status, I figure it fair to reveal his name. GASP! I know, more on that later.) Regardless of our regular cynicsism and complaints, we’re so lucky.
Highlights of the Palm Springs Trip:
1) Cougars. A: I can’t believe there is a bar named Cougars. B: I can’t believe how well it lived up to it’s name. And C: I can’t believe we STILL have brusies from the air guitar we pulled out on the dance floor. Maybe I should join you in dance retirement… I mean, who gets this many bruises dancing? QDW came out unscathed, but maybe it’s just because we put our whole hearts, hair and head banging and into our “moves.”  In any event, Cougars. I just like saying it, Cougars.
2) Being called a HORRIBLE BITCH by your Mom’s boyfriend (AKA: David Letterman, AKA: Richy Rich’s Dad). Taking it as a compliment, hey, hearts is a competitive card game.
3) Our enlightening hot tub conversation where it was (I think) decided that everybody cheats. Even the good ones. (Not opening that can of worms on this email!) Sadly, I think I agree with this theory…
Bianca, you can’t quit your job and become a Social Worker if that means we’d have to take a hiatus from our favorite form of hiatus. If I can do it on a teacher’s salary, you could do it on a social worker’s salary, I promise. I think it’s great that you’d like to help people, but pharmaceutical marketing helps people, too! And you’re damn good at what you do… You are the highest and most respected form of a drug dealer. Soak it up. Love it. Own it.
Alright. I’ll spill. Mr. Algebra and I are going on “Spring Break” together (one of the many perks of being a teacher and dating a teacher). We’re heading to the city of sin for a long weekend. I have a stack of books donated by my mother to read by the pool and he has March Madness to bet on and roulette tables screaming his name. We’ll meet up on occasion and I’m sure he’ll want to see the inside of at least one of the three Tiffany’s that is on The Strip now, right? Dudes LOVE Tiffany’s.
It will be a far cry from the Sin City Vacations with my DramaWhores that I’m used to, I mean, how I am supposed to properly sin without my favorite set of sinners? I’m very excited nonetheless. You see, Bianca, I’m quite smitten with Mr. Algebra. I’m not sure what the x factor is, but I’m definitely content trying to figure it out. (Pun, albeit obvious, intended… and yes, he is as nerdy as I am).
I’ll miss you this weekend, but you and QDW have fun in Bendover, ya hear?!
Spring Breaking Well Into My Mid Twenties,


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