Less Dancing, More Social Working

Hello Tan and Relaxed Friend,

Welcome home! That was the best trip we’ve had in a long time. We didn’t get a cloud the whole weekend. And while my spray tan has almost completey washed off, I still have tanlines from our marathon pool-laying session. Even though QDW didn’t find herself a rich husband, the trip was still a 10.

After getting made fun of at our favorite new Palm Springs hot spot, “Cougars”, I’ve started thinking more and more about my dancing skills. All these years I thought I was a good dancer, but I’m starting to realize that maybe I was wrong. Maybe when people were pointing and laughing it wasn’t because they were jealous of my fashions, maybe it was because I suck. I read an article that says that good dancing is simply having fun. Take for instance, Cameron Diaz. She’s lurpy and uncoordinated, but still looks adorable when she dances. But then I watch the video you took of my solo in the dance circle, and It’s just terrible. I’m a bad dancer. There’s no kind way to put it. I’m Elaine. This is a huge existential moment for me. Unless we’re drunk and/or in Vegas, I’m quitting the dance game. It’s just one of the many changes I will make in my life in the year oh ten.

Bridget, I’m quitting my job to become a social worker. Preston and I watched Precious last night, and it was one of those life changing movies. The same way The Blindside made me want to adopt a troubled teen and BLOW made me want to kill myself. After seeing Precious, I want to help people. The other half of the day when I wasn’t decoding graphic design files, I was searching for careers in the Helping Industry. After four missed deadlines and two weeks of mastering graphic design, I’m quitting the marketing game and becoming a social worker. We might not be able to take such extravagant vacations anymore (well any vacations at all for that matter) on my new salary, but I will sleep better at night knowing that I’m making the world a better place.

In unrelated Prius news, mine is broken. The spedometer is reporting impossibly high speeds. I never thought I’d have to repair my favorite robot, but it looks like I’m finally going to have to meet the service staff at Toyota.

Peace, Love and Pri’i,
Bianca the Social Worker.


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