Our Chat Roulette Experience

Bianca Darling,
First off, thank you for the awesome weekend! We had such a blasty! Saturday was simply the best.  Greek food, massages and manicures, outdoor hot tub while it’s snowing sipping on Bailey’s and hot chocolate! Man, I love our lives. Especially because that wasn’t even the end of our day!
After we all swapped outfits (I really like everyone else’s closet better than my own) and got ready together (so much more fun than showering alone) we played with our new obsession (which I think might reach an unhealthy level, soon). Chat. Roulette. Oh Chat Roulette… Why is this the most interesting thing ever? When I say interesting I obviously mean hilarious, wonderful, strange, racy, trippy, voyeuristic, and of course, disgusting.  I can’t explain this phenomenon any better.  My favorite strangers were the Chicagoans who serenaged us on the guitar. Or the hottie from London. Or the guy with the kids who mooned us. Least favorite… the trojan horse child. I can’t believe we got tricked like that, that little pervert. “Little kid, what are you doing on this website, where’s your momm…. OH…. NO… IT’S NOT A LITTLE KID!….. AW GROSS, PRESS NEXT, PRESS NEEEEXT!!” But wow.  Can we acknowledge that we almost didn’t go out (for the second time) because we were too “busy” chat rouletting it up? Yikes.
Thank goodness one of the other Drama Whores peeled us out from in front of the computer screen. I’m really glad we went out! I had a fun night making nerds happy.  And wow! QDW was incredibly well behaved (while I was there at least).  What more could I ask for on a weekend?
I hope your Monday is going famously! I’m a little groggy from $%^&* Daylight Savings Time, but all in all, I must say, it’s a good Monday! From what I understand your boss is back at work this week and you might actually have to put in a few hours at the office before we jet off to Palm Springs? You poor, poor thing. How will you ever make it to Thursday?
I was so glad to read your last email! Your mood went from stressed out of your brain to straight up cheerful! Aw, I love what blue sky, running and shedding a few pounds can do!  You look absolutely fabulous (and so does the perma-grin you have on your face)! I’m not sure how many pounds (if any) I’m down, but I feel great and I’m really progressing on my running schedule (thank you to your color coding Excel abilities! – thank you btw)! Win!
I laughed my little head off (really, I have a freakishly small head) reading your worst Ad Campaigns Ever list. I have to inform you; however, you did miss one. The “I’ll Never Leave You” stalker ads from Kay Jewelers. Creeeeper, no I don’t want your necklace (that you may use to strangle me in the very near future, pearl or otherwise).
In Prius news, did you hear that guy may have FAKED his Prius freak out on the highway in Cali?  Who would ever tarnish the record of Prius (and almost scare the Prius Driving out of me)?  If that guy really did make up his horrible Prius experience, he may be the new Dick Cheney on Bridget’s List of Evil.
Loving you, loving me, loving Pri’i everywhere,


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One response to “Our Chat Roulette Experience

  1. Greek food, massages and manicures, outdoor hot tub while it’s snowing sipping on Bailey’s and hot chocolate!

    Umm…sounds amazing!


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