Wow Bianca!
Your last email stressed me out. I’m glad your business trip was great, but the sad women you met, not so great. I just need to start out by asking, WHY DO YOU THINK WE WILL EVER TURN OUT LIKE THESE WOMEN? I think we’re currently more than fabulous and there’s no way that should ever change. Maybe these women weren’t all that great to begin with and then becoming too comfortable in their marriages, popping out kids and then full on letting themselves go took it’s all too obvious and scary toll.
But whoa BiancaFace, while they went to one extreme, you definitely jumped ship and went to an entirely different extreme. I’m with you that there may not be room for a traditional family in modern society, but there certainly is room for a modern family (gah, I love that show) in our society.
Sidenote:  You went from saying we’re almost twenty-middle (which is true) to saying we are twenty-middle which is uber false. I turn twenty-middle this year (about a month and a half after you, thank you very much) and I don’t want you prematurely aging me, okay? The UV rays I soaked in fake baking in high school do that enough, so cool your jets, ass hat. 
You’re right. You are Bianca. You’re the classic preppy cheerleader who (whether you like it or not) will turn into perfect Stepford Wife (with a killer career and/or own philanthropic organization). You and Preston will have the perfect life together (and they may or may not include popping out a few kiddos and then resenting them for your stretch marks that you will undoubtedly have surgically removed as soon as you’re finished having said 2.5 kids). Your reality that you mentioned in your last email, is your nightmare and no where near any bearings of what reality you will have.
First of all, you already are a cynical b*tch and that’s why Preston and I love you so much. Next, you’re the naturally skinniest person I know. Truly, your “fat” days make me want to develop a recreational coke habit. AND look at your mother… skinnier and hotter than every year previous (how does she do it?!).  You’ve got the goods and the genes. Eff to the you. Plus, you will never be the helpless, confused divorcee that you made future Bianca out to be. Since when are you that girl? Um, never. That’s when.
While having children scares the ish out you, that doesn’t mean that it always will. Obviously we’re nowhere near ready to have children, and being scared about having kids is okay!  Hell, Bianca, if you never want to have kids, that’s okay, too! BUT it most definitely is possible to have children, have a career, have a husband and HAVE HAPPINESS. Yes, Bridget the cynic, does please that true happiness is possible and she does believe that having a family can be part of that happiness.
I think what people forget is that having a family doesn’t equal happiness.  Getting married doesn’t equal happiness. Popping out a kid will not equate happiness. Just having a fabulous career or lots of money won’t make you happy either (though, I’m sure it helps). Happiness is a quest of its own and not acquired by any one element. I truly believe that happiness is something that one needs to work on every day. Today, I will be happy. If that’s not possible, EFFING CHANGE THE STATUS QUO. Change what’s not making you happy and BE HAPPY.
In any event, it’s obviously easier said than done, but I don’t think it’s anything YOU have to worry about. I can’t count how often I get texts, emails or phone calls from you about how much you love our lives. You’re a lucky girl, Bianca and that luck is not going to run out anytime soon. So please, don’t worry your pretty little face about the future (no need causing worry lines and premature Botox). Enjoy the ride in your Hybrid Synergy Drive powered vehicle, we have way too much fun to worry about anything except our next excursion (HELLO PALM SPRINGS!!).

Living the dream in my un-recalled Prius,


P to the S: I think running so much is turning me into an optimist. Yuck. Details to come.


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