You share your name with Bridget Moynahan. I feel bad for her because she always plays parts where she gets the shaft. In Sex and the City, Big cheats on her with Carrie…. In Serendipity, John Cusak leaves her at the altar for that lovable British stranger… In that one show, Tom Brady cheats on her after knocking her up then leaves her for a supermodel. She’s like Ansiton, but unluckier. I hope she finds love.

Lucky for me, I’ve found love. It was really hard for me to write that just now given how cheesy it was, but I have a point…. Lucky for me, I’ve found love. And in the same way people are comfortable in their sexuality, I’m comfortable in my relationship. In the same way sexually comfortable effeminate men don’t need to drive big trucks to prove their manly-ness, I don’t need to get married to prove my in-love-edness. Preston and I are happy. We’ve been together for 4.4 years with no major problems. Like they say in the South, if it ain’t broke, don’t be goin’ on fixin’ it now, ya hear?! What I’m trying to say is, We’ll get married last. If I’ve learned anything from my parents who have been married and divorced to each other twice and might even try for a third time, well I don’t know. What do you learn from that?

As far as our friends are concerned, The Asian will definitely be the first gal down the aisle. This may be surprising considering she is the most single of all of us and has an affinity for NBA players and the BBD (BBD will not be on the TYMU list, I refuse to go there. Lets just say the first two letters might stand for Big and Black). But she’s the fall hard super fast girl. If she meets someone this week, she’ll be married by the summer. But she’s our most hilarious and drama free friend and I wouldn’t mind a June wedding (I look bangin’ in pastels). I think she’ll be the only friend to be married in 010. And for the record, yes, I say OhTen.

As far as our Marathon Relay goes, what the F did you get me in to?! I can’t run 18 miles uphill. I ran LESS than two miles on the treadmill on Monday and I’m still sore. That’s all I have to say about that.

Did you hear that John Mayer is a racist? He compared his wang to a white supremacist’s. Why, John, why. Every time I think I like a celebrity they have to go ruin it with sh*t like this.

PS: Urban Dictionary Word of the Day: Redneck Teleprompter: Crib notes written on a public speaker’s hand in order to remind him or her what to say during a speech or interview.

Love and Toyota Recalls,



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