I am Jennifer Love Hewitt, Who Are You?

Dearest Bianca,
My New Years was pretty fantastic; for one, key reason:  I went in with exceedingly low expectations.  (For the record, my vote was for a sweats, reality TV and champagne from the comfort of my couch, but of course, THAT couldn’t happen.)

Bianca, I was Jennifer Love Hewitt on New Years, but more on that later.
New Years is always a disaster of epic proportions because girls go into it thinking it’s NEW YEARS!!! WOOO!!!, not New Years.  (Bridget thought: I’d be curious to know what guys go into it thinking.) Even if a girl thinks it’ll be low key and wonderful and super exciting to be surrounded by her friends to ring in the new year, that girl is quickly reminded that she is surrounded by her friends and that it couldn’t possibly go that smoothly.  I feel as though the girls you described combine to form every group of girls in this universe and we’re all doomed to a life of slightly lame, though entertaining, New Years’ celebrations.

For my new years, I was literally surrounded by Girls 1-4 (and obviously wished I was Girl #6). Seeing as we share these loveable drama whores as friends, I’m just going to assume you know who I’m talking about in each situation.
Girl #1 wasn’t in the bathroom, she was wandering (read: stumbling) somewhere in the alley outside of the bar for the countdown, though I’m not sure she was looking for Mr. Right Lips, I’m not entirely sure what she was looking for… probably more booze.
Girl #2 was most certainly on a mission.  She found her New Years kiss as we were walking into the bar.  She even kissed him once outside the bar to ‘seal the deal.’ Yes, you read right, she lined up her countdown sweetie long before midnight and practically hurled herself across the bar so her lips would meet his just in time (never mind he was talking to another girl before and after their smackity smack).

Girl #3 was an absolute treat.  She was only concerned with her girls (and maybe helping me make fun of girls 1 & 2).  Though I can’t say that there’s proof of a sloppy all girls exchange at midnight, I can’t say that there’s not, either.
Girl #4 is where it gets a little bit hazy, I think I might have been Girl #4, but I’m not for sure on that one. B, I definitely started the night as Girl #3, maybe wanted to be Girl #2 a little bit and definitely ended with something romantic. So romantic infact, had it been anyone other than myself I would’ve made fun of them forever. Seriously, under any other circumstance I would have hurled, big time.

Here’s where my Jennifer Love Hewitt moment happens:  At the bar, surrounded by the girls, not terribly concerned about kissing someone in the next few seconds (mostly worried some creeper was going to grab my face and plant his yucky lips on me -obviously not impaired enough for the evening). Thinking a little about the boy that I’ve been casually dating for a few weeks, but knowing it was much too early for either of us to ditch our friends on this holiest (read: lamest) of eves. We started counting down and celebrating the new year, jumping up and down, hesitantly looking around at the people surrounding us as it got nearer and nearer to 2010, when I saw a familiar face walking toward me.  You guessed it, it was the aforementioned boy!  He ducked out of his friend’s get-together and came and found me at the bar to kiss me on New Years.  No call, no text, no warning.  Yes, Bianca, 2010 is the year where I’m Jennifer Love Hewitt from all the teeny bopper movies of the late nineties, early two thousands (is that what we call the time from 2000-2005ish?).

But if I’m Girl #4, does that mean the boy is going to wind up being an a-hole? Advice!
{Sigh}  Such an overrated, under-enjoyed holiday. 
In other news, did you hear Sarah Palin is now a contributor for the evilness that is Fox News? “Now Sarah Palin will be working for Fox News, rather than the other way around.” -John August {Ba DUM Ching!}
Prius Kisses,


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